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We are pleased and proud to announce the long-awaited publication of PandaLeaks – The Dark Side of the WWF: the controversial book by award-winning German journalist and filmmaker Wilfried Huismann, now finally available in an English language edition – unabridged and updated. PandaLeaks is a journalistic tour de force unearthing the grim secrets behind the warm and cuddly façade of the WWF, Huismann’s exposé went straight to the German bestseller list. This despite the fact that the WWF had initially managed to stop its sale for several weeks with a massive campaign of threats to the book trade. A series of lawsuits launched by the WWF also failed to achieve a book ban.

The WWF cannot refute the facts gathered by esteemed journalist and filmmaker Wilfried Huismann during his two-year research expedition to all corners of the “green empire”: the WWF, renowned global nature conservancy brand, is in bed with the world’s biggest environmental polluters; it “greenwashes” the ecological crimes of Big Business, the corporations currently destroying the last remaining rain forests and natural habitats on earth; and it accepts their money. The WWF doesn’t stop short of cooperating with GMO giant Monsanto. The business model of the famous “eco” organization does more to harm nature than to protect it.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung said of the book: “It paints the picture of an environmental organization rubbing elbows with industry; doing deals with the rich and powerful, the oil companies and GMO mafia, forgetting its goals and even losing its identity in the process.” Huismann also dug deep into the early history of the world’s biggest, most powerful nature conservancy organization and found several skeletons in the closet: the elite secret club known as “The 1001” and a private military commando unit deployed in Africa against big game poachers – and against black African liberation movements.

In the name of environmental protection the WWF has participated in the displacement and cultural extinction of indigenous peoples the world over. More than 20 million people worldwide are now classified as “conservation refugees”. The Swiss magazine Zeitpunkt called Huismann’s book “As suspenseful as a crime thriller.“ The German newspaper Die Welt wrote: “The revelations of this book shatter faith in the panda as a force for good.”

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  1. Thank for publishing this information.

    It beggars belief that an organisation which has long held itself to be the greatest protector of wild life worldwide souls actually be in the pockets of it’s supposed ‘enemies.

    In politics it is widely accepted that governments worldwide have been ‘cohabiting’ with these same companies but for organisations which openly beg for individual’s hard earned money to utlise these funds in such a fashion is morally and ethically disgraceful. One might even go so far to say these funds have been obtained fraudulently.

    I hope that this message receives worldwide publication and that somehow an independent body can investigate Herr Huismann’s findings in a public format and hold the executive of WWF culpable for their actions.

    I will certainly be making my friends and faily aware of this disgraceful position and ensure that WWF receives not a penny more.

    Further, WWF should be forced to close and a legitimate organisation, which will actually protect wildlife worldwide take its place.

  2. Congratulations!
    I’m so happy that “Schwarzbuch WWF” has been translated into English and is now available for everyone on this planet to read.
    Excellent. What the world needs in order to change is information. Thank you so much for providing us with all these insights.

    By the way, I have dedicated a post “Is the Panda eating its own children” on my website to WWF and the present work in December 2013 http://globalvisionremixed.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/is-the-panda-eating-its-own-children/ and I’m very happy that I can finally tell all my readers and friends that they no longer need to wait for an English translation of this excellent work…….

    All the best!

    1. Thank you soo much for enlightening me
      I’ve poured Donations to this organisation
      Can’t wait to get the book
      Is it available in Audio formats

  3. If this is the case then ban WWF, confiscate all its money and return to donors.
    Take legal action against the culprits.

  4. Indeed one might even argue that, looking into the foundation history of the WWF, that it may have been founded by the big corporations to nip a grass roots buildup of conservancy groups in the bud.

  5. 2007 created the largest threat to mankind, all charities were attacked and those that supported them turned against them which made them unable to use funds for conservation and human rights

  6. From my years of working in the development and conservation field in developing countries, I have found many large well funded conservation groups to be engaging in socially and ethically questionable activities in remote locations. They have been able to get away with their unethical ways of doing things in the name of conservation because their supporters in the affluent countries think cute animals and forests are way more important to protect than dealing with the impoverishment and poverty of the locals. They brought with them the notion of conservation from their own countries where the social economic and political conditions are totally different from communities who have co-existed with nature for centuries.

    Without first understanding the issues from the local context, they came well resourced to create national parks and no go zones at the exclusion of the locals who are often poor and have been dependent on nature for their survival. Worse they collaborate with corrupt local officials to seize land and forested areas for their projects. They have set a bad image of conservationists for the locals. When genuine environmentalists with a strong social ethics want to work with the locals it takes a lot more effort to develop trust as a result. They have ruined the notion of conservation at the local level. “Conservation” has become a dirty world like corruption and greed in many developing countries where large corporate conservation groups have left their deep and nasty footprints – in many of the world’s pristine areas they are still there and as active as they have ever been because they have a lot of money to burn.

    1. The public needs to distinguish honest credible critiques of environmental groups from those sponsored by corporate and industry interests. Authors, publishers and sponsors of such critiques should be investigated to uncover conflicts of interest and industry-sponsored propaganda such as the recent one by eelegal.org attacking the Sierra Club for taking donations from wealthy donors, which was actually a defense of continued coal and oil burning, written in panic over MIchael Bloomberg’s donation to Sierra and his determination (and theirs) to shut down all coal burning plants. The preponderance of these attacks is undoubtedly due to growing energy industry fears over threats to the value of fossil fuel investments. Equally deplorable are articles in respectable journals like the New Yorker (about The Nature Conservancy dismissal of wilderness and promotion of human management of nature, and a pro-GMO article attacking
      leading anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva by Michael Specter, a shill for Monsanto). Always follow the trail of authors and publishers and their blogs to discover the hidden agendas and politics of those who trash environmental groups and activists.

    2. I totally agree with this comments..Conservation in Kenya is reserved for a cartel comprising politicians,land grabbers and local elite .
      Classic example or case in north Kenya.Local communities who have survived and inhabited land with high wild life population are now being taught how to leave with same animals.Branded as poachers,a threat and millons raised to “sensitize and educate them”
      Its a fallancy,fraud and defaming
      Open secret conservationists squander money but they are never prosecuted.They are the leading investors in their locality and a majority venture to politics after amassing wealth.Donor funds meant for conservation are funding campaigns and breeding crafty politicians

  7. I’m sickened to the core to learn that the very organization that we have been sponsoring, with our hard earned cash, has been supporting the very “causes” , that it purported to challenge and change.

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