For a living payment

Artist Bustart sent us a photo of his piece of art he has painted on a wall in Amsterdam’s Spuistraat. He felt inspired by our revelations about the WWF’s love affairs with the biggest environmental polluters of our planet.


2 thoughts on “For a living payment”

  1. Thanks Willy
    Wau, even before reading this book i want to congratulate that You have the power and strength again to “fight” against this fraudulent “WWFarce” system. its “nothing more” then a corruptive and corrumpationabel money printing and washing mashine. but in the deep politics its much more, and the book, i am sure, will show it. WWFarce is the opposite and contradictionary of a enviromental organisation. its a blasphemie!

    Wherever necessary and possibel, i will help You. maybe in a bit knowledge, and maybe for getting power. The WWFarce will come again over YOu, i believe. like have done earlier before.


  2. Incredible,an Great Ong, No profit Famous Around the World for Your Your Presevation and Defense the Wildife and Nature and Eco-System in Complete Collusion, Corruption from many Years to Famigerate Monsanto’s Group! The Leader of the Gmo, and Pesticide,Human and Animals Experiments; the Catastrophy of Planet, and the Hypocrisy of WWF, and Your Silence Absence only for Money,and Your dissenate Politics, are Credible Your Operate, Your Tentative to reply, frot this Scandal, Save Your Face Dear WWF, Lost from the World!My Compliments at GmWatch for Great Article!

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