Africa is the cradle of the WWF. But in some of the national parks, hunting of lions, elephants, giraffes and rhinos is now – once again – allowed.

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3 thoughts on “Serengeti”

  1. Please review the incorrect information you are providing. There is NO hunting in any of the Tanzanian National Parks, neither in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
    Let us not create unnecessary confusion and fall in the trap of bad science.
    Hunting is a big, and often badly regulated business in Tanzania, and is allowed in Game Reserves, Game Controlled Areas, Wildlife Management Areas, but NOT in NP.
    We need the support of good and honest conservation organisations to regulate it. No matter how emotional this subject can be, you must amend the commentary, and provide sound, correct facts to allow people to keep believing in the good advocacy you seem to be trying to do.

    1. We always welcome critical remarks and debates. But in this case your comment grasps at nothing. We never referred to National Parks in Tanzania in the context of trophy hunting.

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