Baka suffer abuse in the name of conservation

Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has revealed:

“Baka ‘Pygmies’ are being forced from their ancestral homelands in the name of ‘conservation’. Much of their land has been turned into ‘protected areas’, to which they are given little or no access but where fee-paying game hunters are encouraged. Wildlife officers and the soldiers that accompany them on patrols often harass, intimidate and sometimes torture Baka men and women and their neighbors. Many Baka claim that friends and relatives have died as a result of the beatings. WWF has a great deal of influence with the Cameroon government, and provides essential support and funding for these anti-poaching squads.”

Watch the video here:

One thought on “Baka suffer abuse in the name of conservation”

  1. very strong commnts THE GUARDIAN
    JovialMerchant Sebnose

    04 October 2014 1:48pm


    They’ve never had any credibility.

    The World Wildlife Fund, an organisation funded by the Rockefellers, has always been steeped in eugenics and Malthusian ideology. There’s a good piece that looked at this in Forbes magazine a couple of years back.

    One of the WWF’s founders was a former member of the SS, the honourable Nazi Prince Bernhard.

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    JovialMerchant JovialMerchant

    04 October 2014 2:18pm


    Here’s a pic of WWF’s former president, Prince Philip posing with a dead tiger in India in 1961 (the year the organisation was founded in part in order to protect dwindling numbers of Indian tigers). He shot the animal himself.

    Another ‘President of Honor’ of the WWF was his Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Here’s a pic of him posing with a dead African elephant in 2012 (quite an accomplishment considering how few there are left in the world now).

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